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Here at Hj Platinum Studios we offer a wide range of photography options. Our sessions can be used to create framed art, custom photo albums, invitations as well as commercial needs. Give us a call today to see all we have to offer!

Hj Platinum Studios loves to paint a happy face!  We understand that no two women are alike and that we all have unique needs. Are you a simple natural type girl or a trendy color addict? You may be a little bit of both!

        Anyway you like it, that's how we like it too!

We take the look you love and make you love it even more!​

OK...This is the good part! After we helped you smile with that naturally beautiful face. You can choose to bring some of our amazing makeup and products home with you!

We have been serving some of the same clients with their cosmetic needs since 2002 and would love to serve you too! We will be doing a relaunch of some of your favorite products Mid 2015! So stay tuned....

Makeup Artistry


Networking and Consulting

​We LOVE chatting with fellow professionals about what would take their business to another level! We have several clients that hired us for one service and used us for multiple services. We like to help you succeed! For example we can show you how one photo session could benefit you in multiple ways ( Ad Campaigns, Social Media, Marketing and Web Presence ) to name a few!

Maybe you need a few referrals to get you started...Let's take an hour or two to brainstorm on how we can improve each other and make the world a better place!

Graphics/Web Design Services & Prices

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